On IT-Related Translation

At yesITranslate.com the information technology experience is taken seriously, which really helps in translating and localizing. Now, for almost a decade!

Working with acclaimed companies that offer IT services and products worldwide, has been nothing but joy. And yes, at yesITranslate.com one has to be up-to-date with all of the current information technology terminology, thereby guaranteeing a cutting-edge translation!

Some of the IT areas covered:

Applications, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Databases, e-Learning, File Systems, Hardware, Internet, Management, Networks, Organization, Peripherals, Reporting, Software, Technology, User Interfaces, Virtualization, Web; the whole IT world…

It remains to see how does IT connect to other specialty fields in the translation business. Such as:

Astronomy, Automotive, Aviation, Environment, Biology, Botany, Mechanics, Chemistry, Construction, Cooking, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Geography, Industry, Machinery, Marketing, Medicine, Medical Instruments, Nutrition, Physics, Space Transportation; the whole real world…